Brief introduction

This committee is constituted in the National Assembly pursuant to article 97 of the Constitution of Nepal in order to make the government accountable and responsible to the National Assembly and also to give necessary direction or opinion, advice after monitoring and evaluating the act and activities carried out by the government.

Constitution of the committee

The sitting of the National Assembly held on 2075.4.14 (July 30, 2018),  Thursday, nominated pursuant to sub-rule (1) of rule 149 of the National Assembly Rules, 2018, fourteen honorable members on this committee  constituted pursuant to rule 147 of the  said Rules, 2018 .

Jurisdiction of committee

Pursuant to rule 147 of the National Assembly Rules, 2018, the jurisdiction of the National concern and coordination committee is as follows :-

Matters relating to coordination in the development of federal level state structure, national heritage, human rights and foreign affairs, state of the execution of treaty and agreement, state of equitable development, backward area, community, culture, project of national pride, national security, and constitutional commission .



Sita Kaphle Wagle ,
Committee Secretary