Legislative Management Committee

Functions, duties and powers of committee:

The committee may  carry out the following works  for discussion on  the Bills and management of the Bills  received  to the National Assembly and  measurement of the  implementation of the Acts and study , research  :-

1.         the committee may make and apply directives, procedure, work-plan, and working schedule necessary in reference to  discharging its responsibility under its jurisdiction  in  a systematic manner,

2.         when the committee is discussing any subject, it may, if it deems necessary, solicit suggestions from the concerned party or  representative of interest groups and  also experts by inviting them .

3.         with pre-approval of the Chairperson, the committee member may monitor and conduct study -visit of a place necessary in connection with the performance of the functions of the committee,

4.         the committee  may send for  any documents relating to the subject from the concerned body  or send  for concerned person or government officials  ,required for its function.

5.         the committee may, if it is necessary, take the statement in writing of the person or government officials so  send for ,

6.         the procedure of taking statement  shall be as determined by the committee,

7.         the chairperson shall present each report passed by the    committee to the House, if in session, within ten days.

8         within three months of expiry of a fiscal year, the committee shall prepare a report covering the work and  activities carried out by it and present to the House ,

9.        the concerned minister shall execute the report presented to the sitting,

10.      the committee may present a report to the sitting after monitoring and evaluating   whether its annual report is executed or not.