Committee for Legislation Management

Functions, duties and powers of committee: The functions, duties and powers of the Legislation Management Committee shall be within the scope of its jurisdiction as per sub-rule (1) of Rule 147 as follows:-

1.  Perform section wise discussion on Bills received from Assembly and submit the report on Assembly,
2.  Discuss on Public Suggestion related to Bills,
3. Research and Study on Post Legislative Scrutiny and give direction to government based on report,
4. Coordinate during law-making for the effective legislative interrelation between the federal units and taking suggestions from relevant stakeholders during law-making related to concurrent powers of Federal and Province or Federal, Province and local level,
5. Study the law making process related to Province and Local level and exchange of good practices,
6. Study and research on matters related with legislation management,
7. Conduct parliamentary public hearings at the Federal, Province or Local levels to obtain public opinion, suggestions and feedback on any matter within the committee's jurisdiction and give necessary directions to the relevant authority,
8. Hearing the complaints or grievance received from public,
9. Monitoring, evaluation and review the implementation status of the directions given by the committee,
10. Submit the report to the assembly with its opinion regarding the task performed by the committee within this rule, and
11. To do other work assigned by the assembly.


Hon.Jayanti Devi Rai,
Committee Chair
Manoj Kumar Giri,
Committee Secretary