Committee for Legislation Management

Brief introduction

This committee is constituted in the National Assembly pursuant to article 97 of the Constitution of Nepal in order to make the government accountable and responsible to the National Assembly and also to give necessary direction or opinion, advice after monitoring and evaluating the act and activities carried out by the government.

Meeting of the committee

The chairperson of the committee calls the meeting of the committee as required. However, where the meeting of the committee is in recess, if one fourth member of the committee request in writing to chairperson with agenda for discussion that it is appropriate to call the meeting, the chairperson has to fix within five days the date and time for meeting. The chairperson presides over the meeting of the committee and in his/her absence, the  member chosen  by the members of the committee from among themselves presides over the meeting of the committee. If a meeting of the committee or sub-committee requires to be held outside the precincts of the parliament building, the chairperson shall have to seek a written permission of the Chairperson.


The quorum of a committee is one third of the total number of members of the committee. If no quorum is constituted in a  meeting of a committee, the chairperson may withhold the meeting for any another time or day. However, if the meeting of the committee is  to be adjourned for two times consecutively for lack of quorum, the chairperson  has to furnish information thereof to the Chairperson .

Decision of  the committee:

The decision of a majority of the members present in the meeting  of the committee is deemed to be the decision of the committee, and in case of tie of  votes, the chairperson castes a decisive vote. The decision of the meeting of the committee  is to  be certified by the chairperson and the Secretary.

 Jurisdiction of the committee :

  1. Discussion and Management of Bills received  from the National Assembly,
  2.  Post-Legislative Scrutiny and Research and Study, and
  3. Subject Related to the Legislative Inter-relationship between Federal Levels and Concerned Authority.

Secretariat of the committee 
Rule 162 of the National Assembly Rules, 2018, made provision that there shall be a Secretariat for each committee under the  Secretariat. The Secretary is the ex-officio secretary to each committee. The Secretary- General may designate any senior officer under him/her to work as the Committee Secretary .

Legislation Management Committee Secretariat
     S.N. Designation Name
Mr. Manoj Kumar Giri
Under Secretary Mr. Numraj Khanal Sharma
Section Officer Mr. Prakash Gyawali
Computer Operator Ms. Lila Shrestha
Office Assistant Mr. Krishna Prasad Wagle
Office Assistant Ms. Mira Roka Magar

Contact: 01-4200110, 4200376, 4211716


Hon.Jayanti Devi Rai,
Committee Chair
Manoj Kumar Giri,
Committee Secretary